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Family owned and operated for 40 years.

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The story of NTH, Inc. stretches back several generations, rooted in a Norwegian-American farming family that had settled in South Dakota. Clifford Nesseth, born in 1900, grew up on the family's homestead, but moved to Detroit to find work during the Depression. Between work building houses and as an axle assembly lineman at the Ford plant, he maintained a living. During this time, he also began to develop coal elevators for the downtown hotel system. It was in this work that Clifford began to lay down the mentality of constant innovation and product improvement within the family.


Following the Depression, the family moved north to the Upper Peninsula and began to farm, adding a dairy herd to their homestead. They installed their first freestall barn, complete with a Clay Barn Cleaner. That first winter, the manure amassed into a giant, frozen pile. In the spring, the outer wall of manure thawed and the whole pile spilled down the side of the hill next to the barn.


That summer, the family busied themselves with the Water Resource Department. They dug a 150 ft trench and pit down from the barn, and Clint Nesseth, one of the family's four sons, developed the piston pump alongside Clifford. They installed the piston pump in the barn, and watched as the manure made its way down the trench into the pit. They installed a pipe in the trench and buried it. That winter, they watched as the top crust moved up the edge of the pit and the barn stayed nice and clean.


The following spring, four farmers from North Dakota, led by Irve Vanek, arrived on the farm, after reading about the innovation. They looked at the pit, the barn, the 150 ft long clean stretch of grass between them, and decided the pump must have worked pretty well. A few weeks later, the family was splitting their time between milking the herd and building pumps to fill orders out of one of their machine sheds. Over the next few years, they continued to develop the piston pump concept under the Nesseth brand, and add many of the pump and agitator variations still present in the NTH, Inc. line of equipment. To accommodate their volume, they moved the line to Barron, WI in 1978 and continued manufacturing in a more appropriate facility.


In 1980, Butler Manufacturing bought the company and converted it to produce manure tankers. Clifford Nesseth had passed away the prior year, and the family had received an offer from Butler Manufacturing Company to purchase the facilities and equipment line. In their time at the plant, Butler added 500,000 square feet to the facility and added a tanker production line. The company was sold back to Clifford Nesseth's sons in 1982, after Butler was unable to sustain production in the market recession. The family reintroduced their namesake under the N-TECH brand. The family added the Ultra Barn line of greenhouse freestall barns in 1994 and the 10 Man Tools line of skid steer and 3 pt attachments in 2003. To accommodate the multiple brand names, the company reorganized under the NTH, Inc structure.


Today, the company grown into the calf barn market, producing the Ca-Z-bo and the Ultra Hutt alongside N-TECH pumps, tankers, dump carts, and 10 Man Tools. The product line and facility is currently operated by two generations of the Nesseth family, and continues to provide parts and whole goods across the country. The family still maintains product developments and improvements on a daily basis, and continues to enjoy serving the hard working farm community.

40 years and 3 generations later, NTH Inc. still stands as an industry leader in innovation, ruggedness, and dependability.





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