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Magnum Piston Pump

"It hasn't stopped working once since the day we installed it, 30 years ago!"


-Ecstatic customer, who called just to tell us it still works. 

A time-tested combination of originality, dependability, and ruggedness.


When the original manure pump was built in 1971, the Nesseth family barn was housing 50 cows. 40 years later, the same principles apply to the current N-TECH Magnum Piston Pump. The product has grown in size and many improvements have been made to deliver the best, most reliable pump in the business.


  • Best Piston Pump in the Industry for 40 Years

  • Built for Maximum Serviceability and Longevity

  • Gearbox Drivetrain Pumps Better than Hydraulic

  • Gearbox is Durable and Low-Maintenance

  • 7000 Pumps in the Field: Time Tested and Proven

  • Pumps Installed in 1971 are Still Operating Like New


Standard Features:

  • Hollow Core, Carbon Steel Piston, Self-Lubricating

  • Cylinder Gate Positioned and Designed to Prevent Line Plugging

  • Gravity Hinge-Gate for Dependable Operation

  • Removable Cylinder for Rebuilds after 10 to 20 Years


  • 3 Transmission Sizes Available

  • 10” or 12” Piston Sizes for 12” Pipe

  • In-Line Knife Valve with Power Driver Control to Prevent Backflow during Maintenance

  • Flapper Valve for End of Pipeline to Minimize Backflow




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