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Side Mount Pump

  • Adaptable to Jamesway, A. O. Smith, Hedlund, and Older Models. 

  • Easy to Service and Durable.

  • Double Volute for Even Load Pressure and Maximum Volume.

Base Pump Unit Includes:

Impeller, housing, shaft, seal and bearing assembly, PTO guard, 12” stainless steel watertight valve with 12” flange and manual screw type handle. Side pumps available in painted mild steel, galvanized mild steel, and stainless steel.

Base Unit Description: 

20” pump and valve, 110 HP (3 Blade 18”)

20” pump and valve, 140 hp (3 Blade 20”)

20” pump and valve, 170 hp (6 Blade 20”)

26” 540 RPM pump and valve, 100 hp (6 Blade 26”)


Agitator Packages:

Over-The-Top Agitation Package

Through-The-Wall Agitator Package for existing steel wall tank Under-The-Wall Valve and Fitting Package for center agitation

Footing Tube, Inside Valve, and Control Options:

Footing Tube, Internal Valve, and Control

12” Riser

18” Riser

24” Riser

30” Riser

Tube Cover Plate

Wall Mount H Frame

Wall Mount H Frame - Stainless Steel

Footing Tube Adapter Plate - (10” x 12”) to (10” x 14”)

Footing Tube Adapter Plate - (10” x 14”) to (12”  for existing pump replacement on an A.O. Smith or Hedlund pump.

Outside Valve Options:

12” Stainless Steel Valve with Screw Handles (this valve includ- ed in base unit package)

6” Stainless Steel Valve with Screw Handles

Tank Filler Package:

20’ Long 8” Aluminum Pipe, Downspout, Manual Valve, and Support Hardware, Bi-pod Legs

Hydraulic Control Options:

Fill Valve Hydraulic  Control Pack, Cylinder & Hoses

2-Bank Valve with Hoses and Support Arm

PTO Shaft:

XL55 - 1000 RPM 1 ⅜ Shaft

XL55 - 540 RPM 1-⅜ Shaft

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