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Vertical PTO Pumps

  • Straight Wall Pit Pumping & Agitation, 6'-14' Depths

  • Available in Customizable Configurations

  • Normal Lifespan of 20 Years or More



  •  540 RPM or 1000 RPM Operating Speed

  • Abrasive Resistant Steel for Sand-laden Manure Applications

  • Double Grease Guns Supply Lubrication to Bearing & Seal Kit

  • Quick Service to Seal Kit & Bearing without Removing Housing or Oil Chamber Assemblies

  •  2 PT or 3 PT Hitch Styles Available

  • 1.75" Driveline

  • 6" Beam, 1/4" Wall Thickness

  • N-TECH Impeller Leads Industry in Dairy Manure

  • Handle Solids without Plugging

  • Aggressive Pre-Agitator for Shredding

  • Options May be Pictured

Magnum Vertical PTO Pump


  • 140 HP+ Model for Commercial Scale Farms & Hauling Operations

  • Hydraulic Controls for Optional Nozzle Agitation & Valves

  • 8" Manifold for 7000 GPM

  • Pictured with Optional Double Valve Outlet

  • Heavy Duty Gearbox and Hitch Assembly for Maximum Durability

Standard Vertical PTO Pump


  • 50 - 120 HP Model for Traditional Dairy Operations & Standard Use

  • Manual Controls for Optional Nozzle Agitation & Valves

  • 6" Manifold Handles Standard Operation Demands

  • Lighter Duty Pump for Easy Transport

Multi-Depth Vertical PTO Pump


  • The Most Flexible Vertical Pump

  • Trailer Frame for Easy Mobility

  • Services 6' to 14' Pit Depths

  • Custom Build Options for all your Custom Needs

N-TECH Philosophy


Engineered to fit the demanding application of straight wall dairy manure pit pumping, the N-TECH Vertical PTO Pump has proven itself on farms for 30 years. Today, N-TECH dealers regularly support vertical pumps that have operated since the beginning stages of the product development in the mid-1980s. Recently, the Magnum Pump has been developed to meet the needs of large scale operations and custom haulers.

Double Magnum Vertical PTO
  • 200 + HP Gearbox for Large Farms and Commercial Hauling Operations

  • 200 HP PTO Shaft

  • Double the Depth 10' or 10', 10' or 12', 12' or 14' frame design

  • Double Lube System with Double Mounted Grease Guns or Automatic Grease System Option

  •  Abrasive Resistant 440 Housing with 1/2" Steel Back Plate

  • Rated 3x Sand Resistant 




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